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Whether you are installing a completely new HVAC system in a newly constructed building or are looking to overall an existing system, the highly qualified experts at BAB&C can offer you the commissioning services you need to know and document that your entire HVAC system is designed, installed and operating to meet your project requirements.

Our commission services begin with a thorough check of your HVAC equipment after installation. We not only verify that the proper equipment has been installed, but that it meets construction and manufacturing requirements. We then test, adjust and balance the equipment for maximum performance. During functional testing, we test and verify that all systems are running properly for maximum performance and specification compliance.

As your HVAC commissioning agent, BAB&C takes responsibility for ensuring all aspects of your building’s HVAC system is working as intended and meeting all regulatory requirements. You go home knowing that the Bay Area’s most respected experts are taking care of all your mechanical needs.



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